For the love of tiramisu

What will you  do to get a spoonful  of your favourite dessert? I coaxed, bribed and emotionally blackmailed my brother to get it for me over a distance of almost 2400 km.

I first tasted Tiramisu two year ago when I was in Edinburgh and was instantly hooked to it, even the mass produced supermarket variety. Living in Gangtok, I am as far away from tiramisu as possible, but I just could not stop talking about it. When I was visiting Kolkata with my cousin, she insisted  on tasting  it,  I had been talking about it for ages. So we went to Flurys because it has a reputation of being  one of the best confectionary. I was deeply disappointed by what they served as tiramisu,  it did not even come close to how it was supposed to be. I was also embarrassed, as I had being going gaga over my favourite dessert, and when my cousin finally tasted it, she was dismayed, it turned out to be a dud.  I had to do something to salvage my reputation, so when my brother said he is coming home for a few days, I asked him to get tiramisu from Theobroma in Mumbai. It was not as easy as just asking him to get it, I did have to  use underhand tactics, what clinched the deal was my explanation of how bad the tiramisu we had in Kolkata was.  Being a foodie himself he understood, how it was criminal to let my cousin have such a negative view of our favourite dessert.  So after a long flight of many hours, being manhandled by the baggage crew ,  road trip of 4 hours , I finally got to have my spoonful of tiramisu, it was ambrosial.  And I did share it with my cousin, she loved it too.