Self help books : who are they actually helping….

Go to any bookshop, you will find a large section dedicated to self help books. Books that are supposed to help you become rich, lead a better life, be spiritual etc, etc ,etc.

To be honest I did read a few of them in my early 20’s, but now I stay away from them. I would rather read a good biography.

The other day I was discussing books with my brother, when he said he does not read self-help books. It got me thinking, do the self help books actually help.  Who are they helping ? First and foremost they are helping the author. They make loads of money and generally have a happy life. I am ok with books that talk about making money, at least they are trying to help others make money while they make their own.

I have my grievance against authors who talk about how to become  spiritual and better human and how to give back. While asking us to give back to society or give up our worldly goods they are collecting all the royalties from the book. Do they give up too? Its like some of  the old devotional songs sung by a certain singer, where he sings about giving up worldly possession to get to God, but is charging money to sing the same songs. Isn’t it hypocricy at its best.

There are many people in this world who take great positives  from such books. If it was not so,  they would not be  bestsellers. Sometimes we read that it changes peoples lives.  To each his own, I am happy when I get to read such positive stories. But personally I feel everything is right inside us. If we really want to help ourself we need to think deep and contemplate . The answers are right in front of us. Saying that, I am at  a very delicate  juncture of my life, so I hope I will be able to dig deep within, and come out stronger without any help from books.

Anyone who has some positive stories to relate connected to self-help books I would welcome your comments, and also comments of people who do not agree with me.




Impulsive buy

Today I just got this impulse to buy a book. Considering the fact that I am broke and have not got my pay-cheque yet, it was not a very healthy impulse. I went to my regular book store, its called “Good Books”, the sad fact is there is nothing good about the store, it has a very limited collection of books and  never has the book I am looking for. Which was again the case today, I was looking for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.  But the guy in the shop had not even heard of it.  Maybe once the movie is out he will get it. While he was showing me all the other books he had,  I saw “TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD” by Harper Lee a book which i always wanted to read but never got around doing it, and immediately asked him to pack it.

I was almost done looking around when he asked, have you read ” THE THORN BIRDS “ by Colleen Mccullough,  to be absolutely frank I had never heard of it, and said so. He looked at me as if I  was some alien or a nerd. Maybe it was his way of getting back at me, for always looking for books that he does not have. “Its a classic, in the line of  Gone with the wind, you’ve heard of that right”. OK so I may have not read this book , but c’mon Scarlett and Rhett, everyone who reads fiction will have read it.  It felt like I had committed some crime, and I had to pay the penance. I smiled at him and asked him to get the book packed, so much for being broke, instead of one I ended up buying two books. Hope its worth the money.


Readers Block uh???

Right now I’m suffering from a readers-block. I have such a selection of unread books just waiting for my attention. They are crying out to me, to come and flip them open, but I just can’t seem to do it. There is “BRISINGR” a book I had been waiting for soo long,  and I have just managed a few pages. The ” Golden Compass ” is lying around somewhere, so is ” The Last Testament” and a selection of millsandboon. Phew! Normally when I get any book, I complete it within a day or two, and if it is really interesting, I read the whole night, not bothered about sleep or work the other day. I do want to get over this block.

I must also be suffering from viewers-block, if there is  such a word, or whatever it is called. I have a selection of DVDs lying around, but just cant bring myself to watch it. I have been meaning to watch these movies for so long. Think I’ll have to return it back without viewing. 

So am I actually suffering from lack of concentration? Whatever it is , I need to get over it soon.

Can you keep a secret?


The other day I read this book by Sophie Kinsella, “Can you keep a secret?”, its a great book, great humor, and it was the first Kinsella that I read, and now im going to buy the rest. The book  got me thinking,  how many such secret do I have? And came up with an amazingly long list. Here i’ll try to emulate Emma  and put up few of my own secret. They are not something very important, but things i have not shared with anyone.

  • I am afraid of the dark, I sleep with my light switched on.
  • Most days (thats almost everyday) when im late in the morning , I lie to my mom saying that I was up, and was doing yoga.
  • I love being strict and giving my students a hard time, maybe its revenge for all that I had to go through.
  • I always think there is something better for me waiting around the corner , but I have still not reached the corner 😦
  • I’m very romantic, and I love surprises.
  • I can read the same mills and boons again and again.
  • I still beleieve that there are guys as described in mills and boon, and i will meet one , some day
  • I cried while reading Daddy, i cry while reading most books, the latest being “A thousand splendid suns”
  • I am bad at spellings, if MS Word didnt have a dictonary I dont know what I would have done.
  • I love vodka 🙂
  • I had a big crush on Ankur Bhosle , our Engineering Graphics Teacher in college.
  • I had my first crush on Ivon Lepcha in school.
  • Most celebrities I had a crush on turned out to be gay 😦
  • I hate exercising, even though Iam  well not fat but plump.

The list goes on , and there are some secrets which I dont think i’ll ever share with another human, forget writing it on a blog which everyone can see.