A few days ago, I attended a session by a career coach and one thing that resonated with me was  the importance of setting goals. I realised that I have never actually set goals for myself, I have just gone with the flow, sometimes even taking steps without thinking through.  Does that make me less ambitious or just a run of the mill individual? So I got back home and decided to think of  a short term goal and a long term goal  that I could set for myself. One of my short term goal is to update my blog regularly, so that I can have a journal of my life events and thoughts. The long term goals are more difficult, I  still have no idea of what I want and where I want to be in 5 years time. Should I continue the way I am, it has worked so far. I have had my highs and lows but generally I have been happy. Isn’t that the most important thing, its all so confusing. Maybe I will give it some more thought and have a long term goal written down by next week.



I have been trying to grapple with self-doubt. It creeps up on me when I least expect it. Life has been topsey-turvy. Sometimes nothing makes sense. Is there a grand plan that I am unaware of, if there is it would be nice to get a sneak peek.

Where did all this fat come from

A piece of cheese cake, those yummy chicken nuggets, the cake I just learnt to bake and those creamy coffees, so tempting , so avoidable and now I am left with love handles that I don’t actually love. Like the Kellogs advert says “98% of women have I hate my body moment”, I am going through mine. How I wish I had said no to that cheesy burger and creamy Haagen Dazs. I have aches all over, every muscle hurts trying to emulate those super fit YouTube bloggers. They make doing 40 sec of jumping jacks so easy but I’m left heaving after 10. But perseverance they say is rewarded, don’t ask me who they are, so I will keep looking at those awesome YouTube videos and keep dreaming I will get there some day.


Going gaga over everything Korean

Every electrical appliance in my house from TV to refrigerator to microwave oven is by Samsung , I have a Hyundai car, the best seminar I’ve ever attended till date was by a Korean professor on change management, I have been constantly listening to the song ” What should I do”  or ” ho to ka jo ” by Jang Guen Suk, the last thing I watched on DVD was a Korean serial. Looks like I’m going bonkers over everything Korean.

Korean movies, serials, songs and fashion has stormed our small town,  here, Lee Min Ho , Gu Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flower is more popular than Ranbir Kapoor, his posters, key chains and stickers sell like hot cakes,  the last time I was inside a theater  I saw a teenager with his picture as her mobile wallpaper.  Every teenager tries their level best to emulate the Korean actors in terms of hairstyle, cloths and mannerism. Sometimes I’m glad I was born early,  being a teenager now must be so stressful, I’m sure I would have been a social outcast, but the downside is  I have crush on Korean actors who are much younger to me, which according to one of my friend is pretty shameful 🙂

The first time I heard about Korean movies was 4 years back when my younger sister while doing her graduation from DU had a part-time job of teaching  English to Korean students. While home on vacation she bought along some movies given to her by her students, and from the time I watched “A Moment to Remember” and “Classic” I got hooked  to Korean movies.  And now I can’t get enough of Korean serials which are fun to watch with beautiful songs and the best part is they are only 16 to 25 episodes long. My current favourite being ” You are beautiful”.  The songs are so soulful and the lyrics are amazing.

So Cheers to everything Korean.

For anyone reading my blog here is a link to my favourite song from my current favourite Korean drama, maybe u’ll get hooked to it too. 🙂


A happy independence day to my fellow countrymen and women (atleast the ones who happen to read my blog). I have received many SMS’s this day from friends, every SMS has the same tone, unity, friendship, brotherhood, honesty, pride etc etc.. its so easy to just forward a message ,but how many of us will actually remember what we forwarded and what we pledged today. Instead of forwarding messages which we will forget about ,I think we all should contemplate and decide on the small changes we can make. For many years I have been promising myself , that I will not pay any bribe and never judge a person by his/her religion, and I can honestly claim that I have stuck to my pledge. I hope Ican do it in the future too.

I also look forward  to the Prime Ministers speech, its a day when many new schemes are  announced. With the congress in power one thing I can blindly bet on  is   a  new scheme with a Nehru-Gandhi  name , and I was not disappointed, now we have a Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission.  I have a great admiration and respect for the Nehru-Gandhi clan, after  all they are the first family of Indian Politics, and they have done a lot for the country, but do we need to have every scheme named after them.If  the idea is to show respect then there must be many other ways of doing it, not just by using their name.  You can board from a Rajiv Gandhi airport and land  on Indira Gandhi  terminus. You are ill go to the Sanjay Gandhi hospital.  Outstanding  in sports you get the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. You have hospitals, universities, schools, research centres, schemes etc etc all named after five  individuals. Ofcourse you do need names for all the facilities mentioned, but can’t the congress come up with any other name. After sometime it starts getting confusing.  I think we have enough historical figures to name every facility in the country.  I really liked the fact that Mr. Vajpayee named the rural road schemes as simple” Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojhna”.  Hope next year the congress comes up with a different name, but I also realise that I am hoping for the impossible. 🙂

10 minutes 2 greenery program – sikkim’s gift to the world

doing my bit
doing my bit

The 10 minutes to greenery program, a unique greenery drive, where 6 lakhs saplings were planted within 10 mins  i.e 10:30 am to 10:40 am IST  was a massive success.  Various organisations and individuals participated in the event to make it a resounding success.   A record of sorts, but I don’t know who was doing the counting 😉 .

This sends out a positive  message to the world,  a message that says  ” We Care” . This is a gift not only to the people of  India , but to the entire human kind, with love from the people of Sikkim.

My Vote, it counts !!!

image: ibnlive.com
image: ibnlive.com

With assembly as well as parliamentary elections round the corner, our tea time discussion has moved on from football to the current political scenario, in the state as well as the country.

Listening to others point of view , I realised we do not actually understand the power of our vote.  We need not follow the trend, we need not fear repercussion,we need not fear anything.

Once inside the booth, it is just me and not we,  not what the family, or the village or the  community thinks. Its all about what I think and my choices. It is a great power bestowed to us by the founder of this nation and  it is our duty to use it, and use in intelligently.


Pang Lhabsol is a festival that is unique to Sikkim. It falls on the 15th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar. The Sikkimese people have always had a very deep link with nature. Our forefather’s were nature worshippers. Mt. Khangchendzonga , the 3rd highest peak in the world is considered as our guardian deity. On Pang Lhabsol, Khangchendzonga is invoked as the war deity of Sikkim, and along with other deities of Sikkim, is called upon to witness the reiteration of the faith of the people of Sikkim.
Rabong Monastery at Dusk
Monks on the way to watch Volleyball
Early Morning : Monks on the way to watch Volleyball
The Monk Dance
Chaam: The Warrior Dance

On this day , the Pangtoed Chaam, or warrior dance is performed. The Pangtoed warriors represent the warriors of Khangchendzonga. The third Chogyal of Sikkim , Chador Namgyal choreographed the Chaam from a dream that appeared to him.

Rabong, a small place in Sikkim has been celebrating Pang Lhabsol for the past 25 years, prior to Rabong the Chaam was performed at Tsuklakhang at Gangtok. Being the silver jublee year, the festival this year was celebrated with much grandeur, and had been accorded the status of State Function.

I reached Rabong on 14th Sept, and straight away went to the Gumpa complex, where cultural competitions were being held. Dance troupes from all over Sikkim had come with their presentations. It was a great show with young kids performing the Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha and Tibetan dances. A confluence of various cultures, which is what Sikkim, is all about. The highlight of the Pang Lhabsol celebration is the Volleyball tournament, with teams from across the country participating. We had a great time watching the matches. During the evening, there was a musical program by a group from Siliguri at the market place. The next day we reached the Gumpa complex as early as 6.45 am, as we had been advised by the locals that the Chaam or Warrior dance would begin at 7. But when we reached there was no one except for the monks and the volleyball players who had to complete their semifinal match which was stopped the day before due to bad light. In spite of being born and brought up in Sikkim , I had never had an opportunity to watch the chaam. It was truly a great experience. Monks with their mask and colourful costumes performing dance steps which has been passed on from many centuries. A truly enthralling experience. After the chaam got over , there were some more cultural activities , with dancers from Manipur and Bhutan performing. I could not stay back for the Volleyball final or the evening show , where artist form Mumbai were performing, as I had to be back to work the next day. But it was a great weekend.

Volleyball Match under progress
Volleyball match under progress

God’s strange way

Yesterday my Dad came home and informed me that , one of my old school mate had passed away. Well I had difficulty in remembering her and tried to place her , as we were in the same school only for two years. I did remember her eventually and felt sad, but that was all

Today when my Dad decided to visit her home , I went along with him. It is there while talking to her Dad that I realised how strange God’s ways are, and how precious is the time that I am spending with my Mom and Dad.

I could feel the anguish the father was going through,  the heartbreak of the mother,  as he recalled that the last word over the phone,” Papa , I love you and I miss you”, I felt so much pain. My friend was an achiver, there was so much ambition , dreams, dedication, when her results were out just four days after her death, she had topped her class.  I was thinking to myself how must have uncle felt when he got the news. And they could not even see the dead body of their daughter, as she was in the US and they here. The last rites were carried out by cousins. God’s ways are so strange, but he was still not angry with God, he was thanking God for his beautiful, brilliant daughter, even if she was with him only for 28 years, at least he had fond memories of her and was proud of her achivements.  He taught me a good lesson of looking into the positives even in adversity. 

As I was about to leave he asked me never to be stubborn and always remember that my parents will always want the best for me, and never to forget the love my Mom and Dad have for me. I nearly cried when he said the words.

There are times when I have felt the burden of staying at home, when I have wanted to leave it all and go free, when I have had fights with my Mom for small things , been angry with my Dad.  But today I feel that I am lucky to be spending time  with the two people in this world who love me unconditionally.

I am feeling so sad, for the loss of such a precious life, someone who was such a joy to her parents and brother, that i’m almost rambling.

I pray to God that may her soul rest in peace and that may God give strength to her family during this difficult time.



Let me be absolutely materialistic and put down the things I would love to get for my birthday

  • A laptop : Ive wanted one for a long time, my desktop is asking me to let go , I mean how long can it go on.
  • An iphone : wouldn’t it be amazing if i got one
  • A camcorder : I had to borrow my cousins for my latest trip, i would love to own a brand new camcorder
  • A real fundoo digital camera : OK so i have a great new cybershot from Sony but there is no harm in wishing for a new professional one.
  • A CAR : not a new one , but Dad’s car will also do
  • A new wadrobe : wow i just cant imagine.

Now  lets get realistic i know I’m going to buy book for myself as a gift to myself , may be the shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. A 2GB memory stick maybe , well that’s about all. But no harm is wishing, maybe my guardian angle is listening.