Steve Jobs : The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson ; a review

When I heard of the movie Jobs staring Ashton Kutcher, I knew that I had to read the biography  before watching the movie. Though I confess I don’t watch Ashton Kutcher’s movies, find him to be a bad actor. Since this was about Jobs, I thought I will watch it(not done it yet).

I ordered a copy of  Steve Jobs : The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson , thank god for online purchase I even got a discount.  It is a thick book, 656 pages, now I don’t read biographies much, so here I was thinking, how long will it take for me to complete the book. I read it in 2 days. It is a well researched book, a very interesting read, I liked the style of writing and Isaacson has written about the good , the bad and  the weird Jobs.

I am an  Apple fangirl ( I am using a MacBook Pro to write this), so I wanted to know, the brains behind such amazing products, and I was not disappointed. I was specially fascinated with the story of iPod, a computer manufacturing company revolutionising  how we heard music. Steve Jobs saw an opportunity where others didn’t.  It changed the way the music industry did business.

We have a lot to thank Steve Jobs for, not just with computers, but the way we watch animation movies, they way we use our phone, read books and hear music. I remember when iPad was launched , there were so many negative reviews , right from its name to the fact that the tablet market was non existence. Now we see almost every manufacturer making tablets.

Some of my friends  who have never used an Apple product hate it and can’t stop criticising Apple as a company and Steve Jobs as a person, that is the kind of strong feeling he generated, even among people who did not know him and had never used any of his product.

Steve Jobs was a complicated man, a visionary, a pioneer, he could be a real b******, but he did give us some of the most amazing products in history.

Read this book if you are looking for a balanced  view on Steve Jobs life.



More than a phone

Before I bought my Sony Ericsson handset , I had  an old Nokia set, a cute pink one, a prized possession , my first real buy, though it did not have many features, i was not ready to part with it, even though the phone itself was crying out loud, asking me to give it a break and that it had run its course.  So I asked my younger brother to look  out for a new set for me.  He told me that there was this walkman phone  form sony ericsson, which play mp3 and has a 2 mega pixel camera. I was interested in the music thing , i would not be bored while traveling alone, but i was not excited about the camera. I mean how much of pictures would i be taking. So i went ahead and bought it( though a nokia set would be good enough too, but it was more expensive).

Now after months ive realised i take more pictures from my mobile phone them my digital camera, its so handy. Its with me everytime and when i see something interesting , i go click click 🙂daj

I took this picture on the way back from darjeeling,  I was riding pillion , with my cousin, and when i saw this beautiful view, I could not contain myself , so out came my mobile phone. I have realised that i love taking picures especially of places and have got a huge collection now , thanks to my mobile phone which is much more than a phone for me.