Life in UoE

Group assignments can be really tricky , you never know  whom you’ll end up with in the team. I have a team of 7  for one of the assignments, 3 Chinese , 1 American, 2 Indian and a Lithuanian, its a crazy mix , with only one native speaker of English. Getting the point across is  so difficult,  sometimes the meeting gets so wild with everyone trying to  say their point  without realising that they are trying to say the same thing. But its fun too, when you’re not trying to argue , you get to know so much about  some other country and their culture.  Sharing XLL pizza and  discussing things other than the coursework.




lost baggage and random shopping

The worst thing that can happen when you go on a holiday is when the airline mishandles your baggage, the term in the complaint form which loosely translates to I was there but my bag was somewhere in India.  I was stuck in a foreign country with nothing but a handbag with my passport, wallet, camera and a scarf.  For  a  person who hates shopping  it was double nightmarish. I had to do some  real fast shopping, which could have turned into a complete disaster if not for my very helpful friends.  Few months back , I had watched a documentary on TLC where the guy had lost his bag, and had wondered what would I do if  I faced the same situation, well got my answer , I did cope, but from now , i’ll stop wondering about freakish situations, thay have a very bad habit of coming true.

Well I did learn a few things from this episode

  • Always carry a cabin bag with a change of clothings and basic requirement.
  • Get your travel insurance done. ( I never thought it was important )
  • If you feel there is a problem , be the first to stand in queue, it took me 2 hrs just to get my complaint registered.
  • When traveling be prepared for absolutely anything.
  • Never laugh at others situation, it may come  to haunt you some day 🙂

Life does teach us a lot, now when I look back I can actually laugh at the situation , but I hope I don’t have to face it again, but then I think i’ll be able to cope come what may coz I can find humor in every situation life puts my way 🙂

Indian Politics, a funny game

Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra gets a cabinet berth.  The same Mr. Deshmukh who was forced to resign after the Mumbai attacks. Widespread protest by the people as well as the media resulted in him leaving the post of the CM. Now  six  months later he becomes a cabinet minister,  isn’t this a mockery of  the Indian public?  Someone who had failed to perform get a bumper  bonus.

I was excited about the young brigade as they are called, young faces old surname, its so difficult for normal middle class girl/boy to break into two most public professions, films and politics. You need to have a famous surname to get a foothold, which is so sad, so much for Rahul Gandhi saying that he wants youth power,  there is no representation in the cabinet. The tussel between various allies will continue. DMK supremo openly saying he wants cabinet berth for his family members.  Mamta didi in spite of publicly claiming ,she does not want any cabinet berth gets Railways, well  Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav is a tough act to follow, so look out Mamta di. And so the Great Indian Political Tamasha continues.