Where did all this fat come from

A piece of cheese cake, those yummy chicken nuggets, the cake I just learnt to bake and those creamy coffees, so tempting , so avoidable and now I am left with love handles that I don’t actually love. Like the Kellogs advert says “98% of women have I hate my body moment”, I am going through mine. How I wish I had said no to that cheesy burger and creamy Haagen Dazs. I have aches all over, every muscle hurts trying to emulate those super fit YouTube bloggers. They make doing 40 sec of jumping jacks so easy but I’m left heaving after 10. But perseverance they say is rewarded, don’t ask me who they are, so I will keep looking at those awesome YouTube videos and keep dreaming I will get there some day.



For the love of tiramisu

What will you  do to get a spoonful  of your favourite dessert? I coaxed, bribed and emotionally blackmailed my brother to get it for me over a distance of almost 2400 km.

I first tasted Tiramisu two year ago when I was in Edinburgh and was instantly hooked to it, even the mass produced supermarket variety. Living in Gangtok, I am as far away from tiramisu as possible, but I just could not stop talking about it. When I was visiting Kolkata with my cousin, she insisted  on tasting  it,  I had been talking about it for ages. So we went to Flurys because it has a reputation of being  one of the best confectionary. I was deeply disappointed by what they served as tiramisu,  it did not even come close to how it was supposed to be. I was also embarrassed, as I had being going gaga over my favourite dessert, and when my cousin finally tasted it, she was dismayed, it turned out to be a dud.  I had to do something to salvage my reputation, so when my brother said he is coming home for a few days, I asked him to get tiramisu from Theobroma in Mumbai. It was not as easy as just asking him to get it, I did have to  use underhand tactics, what clinched the deal was my explanation of how bad the tiramisu we had in Kolkata was.  Being a foodie himself he understood, how it was criminal to let my cousin have such a negative view of our favourite dessert.  So after a long flight of many hours, being manhandled by the baggage crew ,  road trip of 4 hours , I finally got to have my spoonful of tiramisu, it was ambrosial.  And I did share it with my cousin, she loved it too.