Self help books : who are they actually helping….

Go to any bookshop, you will find a large section dedicated to self help books. Books that are supposed to help you become rich, lead a better life, be spiritual etc, etc ,etc.

To be honest I did read a few of them in my early 20’s, but now I stay away from them. I would rather read a good biography.

The other day I was discussing books with my brother, when he said he does not read self-help books. It got me thinking, do the self help books actually help.  Who are they helping ? First and foremost they are helping the author. They make loads of money and generally have a happy life. I am ok with books that talk about making money, at least they are trying to help others make money while they make their own.

I have my grievance against authors who talk about how to become  spiritual and better human and how to give back. While asking us to give back to society or give up our worldly goods they are collecting all the royalties from the book. Do they give up too? Its like some of  the old devotional songs sung by a certain singer, where he sings about giving up worldly possession to get to God, but is charging money to sing the same songs. Isn’t it hypocricy at its best.

There are many people in this world who take great positives  from such books. If it was not so,  they would not be  bestsellers. Sometimes we read that it changes peoples lives.  To each his own, I am happy when I get to read such positive stories. But personally I feel everything is right inside us. If we really want to help ourself we need to think deep and contemplate . The answers are right in front of us. Saying that, I am at  a very delicate  juncture of my life, so I hope I will be able to dig deep within, and come out stronger without any help from books.

Anyone who has some positive stories to relate connected to self-help books I would welcome your comments, and also comments of people who do not agree with me.




One thought on “Self help books : who are they actually helping….

  1. Well Written Vidya, Any self help books which success models of someone else’s life and try to project it on to the reader’s life is a total waste of time! We can easily find such books by reading the preface or the first few chapters.

    But Whatever books that provokes deeper thinking and leaves us a thread to grab on to and lets us go on our own. Then such books are awesome ones.

    Simple trick would be we can relate the concepts to our understanding and beliefs to what the book tries to explain. If matches then that is the book to pick.

    For example. You mentioned books which talks about making money stands better than the other, cause your area of interest revolves around making money in some direct or indirect way. Isn’t it? So you feel that’s readable.

    Same to other interests as well. It depends on the personality of the reader, one who are open for learning explores all kinds of books and those who are a bit choosy to learn & dislike advises will be selective. 🙂 Simple psychology!

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