Jai Ho!!!!

Phew!!! now that the CWG are finally over, everyone in India can heave a sigh of relief, no falling roof, no stray dogs, no cobras  no terror attacks etc etc.  The games passed on peacefully, though my younger sister was lamenting she could not go shopping as all the markets were closed a day before the closing ceremony.

As I am a total internet news addict,  I visit multiple site and blogs, the negativity  reported before the games was so depressing, some bordering on racism, it looked like no one wanted to say anything positive about India, and sadly the sports writers suddenly changed their profile and started reporting about  social issue, they were supposed o report about the games not how poor India is. It looked like they just wanted to slag us.

In-spite of everything we did host a successful games, I was wishing I could go to Delhi just to watch some of the events live, but I did keep track of every thing through the wonderful live text provided by bbc and other site.

Every game was quiet  interesting and competitive, even diving though  its very difficult for a layman like me to figure out what a good dive is . But   there was one event that no one could successfully explain to me, What the hell is Lawn Bowls? I had never seen it , never heard of it and did not understand it ,  is there any other sport as boring as lawn bowls, and are people expected to go and watch it?

The opening ceremony was spectacular, it was beyond my expectation and was very well executed, and so was the closing ceremony. I loved the fact that Mr. Suresh Kalmadi was booed, if I was there  I would have done the same.

And hats off to the Indian athletes, they sure did make us proud, it was great seeing the tricolour fluttering.  I thought the women athletes did really well,   I hope this sends out a positive message, we girls are no less,  so cherish your girl child and give her the opportunity, she will make you proud one day.

The most emotional moment for me was when Saina Nehwal won her gold, her never-give-up attitude is worth emulating,  to come back from brink of defeat and win is phenomenal, it shows positive attitude and mental strength. Her win put us in second place which is a great. The women relay was awesome, sitting glued to our TV we were urging the girls on, and they didn’t disappoint us.

Now that the games are over, I would like some answers from Mr. Kalmadi and co. There should be proper probe into all allegations, the taxpayers deserve some answers and the guilty should be punished.

Jai Ho, Jai Hind 🙂







2 thoughts on “Jai Ho!!!!

  1. Actually the prime minister did initiate a probe into the corruption allegations. He also had a felicitation ceremony at his residence – to which Suresh Kalmadi wasn’t invited 🙂

    • yes ,I was happy to know that some action was being initiated, it may set precedence for the future, or else our chalta hai attitude will continue 🙂

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