I HATE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t understand how people especially girls find shopping therapeutic, I totally hate it, it leaves me feeling frustrated, tired and generally unhappy. Moving from one shop to another and trying ‘n’ number of clothes is not my idea of fun, after the third shop I start getting irritated. If it’s a shop that sells standard size cloths its  OK, I can directly try the L sized stuff, but shopping at Gangtok can be a nightmare, especially for people like me who are not thin. Go to the famed Lal market and you will find  many  “foreign shops” selling  trendy but impractical stuff  with no proper size,  a size S may actually mean L, so you’re left going in and out of the trial room.

In my ideal world, someone else would do my shopping, unpack everything and hang it in my closet and my only job would be to wear it and look pretty, but I don’t live in an ideal world, so i’ll have to continue struggling with shopping 😦


6 thoughts on “I HATE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hahahahaha……..thats very strange for a girl.

    i too dont particularly like it…..but i LOVE strolling in big malls like South City and Hiland Park in kolkata accompanied by people-watching……. 🙂

    “In my ideal world, someone else would do my shopping, unpack everything and hang it in my closet and my only job would be to wear it and look pretty,”

    i can see what your husband’s duty will be in future….hahaha…..if u are not married already…….lol

  2. Hey just checked….try commenting again….and dont forget to write the “Word Verification” code……and also choose the “Name/URL” option………

    And in anycase…..u are also free to e-mail me at: india678[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  3. Same pinch..even I hate shopping. I wish somebody would just buy clothes for me. I hate shopping especially during SALE…. half the time gets wasted standing in the Q to try the dress and the other half at the bill counter. I would prefer buying during off SALE… even if I have to pay a bit extra. At least I’ll buy what i really want instead of buying 4-5 garments out of which 3 would be impractical or would not look nice ones u take it home. At the mall one gets blinded by the SALE tag and end up buying more.

  4. I love shopping but I HATE it sooo much when there are shops that have super tiny clothes that say L when they’re still really an extra small. Drives me so freakin’ nuts. It should just say XXXXS then XXXS then XXS and so on. It’s really annoying and makes me feel fatter. I like shopping a lot but I also often have a hard time looking for something that fits well and something inexpensive. It doesn’t bother me surprisingly. It used to and I used to hate shopping but I guess it’s just finding the right store with the right sizes. I dunno *shrugs*

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