Open letter to Mr. John Terry

Dear Mr. John Terry,

I am tired of seeing you in the news for all the wrong reason ,  I thought you were Mr. Chelsea , totally dedicated to the cause of the club, but now it looks like  you are just another bloke, trying to hold the club at ransom.  I have no problem with players looking for greener pastures, that is what life is all about, changes,  but they need to be honest about it. You want to go , say it. There is nothing wrong with it, what is wrong is, you trying to play with the emotions of the fans.  Frank Lampard did it last year, now its your turn. Did he give you some pointers on how to go about it?

I think the manager paid you the biggest compliment by comparing you with Paolo Maldini,  the legend. Was he wrong in doing it? I don’t believe half the crap that is written in the newspapers, I still believe you are totally dedicated to Chelsea, and u’ll be leading us this coming season, but can you please come out and make it clear to the fans. I hope this drama gets over as soon as possible, and we can focus on reading about a successful pre season tour.


5 thoughts on “Open letter to Mr. John Terry

  1. Hi Vidya

    This is exactly what these “stars” normally do. Unnecessary create confusion and controversy in the media and as u rightly pointed out “play with the emotions of the fans”. Infact they dont give a damm!

    Exact same thing happened when Cristiano Ronaldo was planning to leave Man U and also with many other stars.

    Gone are the days when players used to be LOYAL towards their clubs and fans. Really sad.

    As fans, we need to stay loyal to our respective clubs,you-Chelsea,me-Arsenal/Liverpool, no matter what!!

    By the way, last month i had an AMAZING TOUR of Sikkim. Loved every bit of it. Really wonderful.


    • Yes ur right, its only the fans who are constant. Atleast Ronaldo was honest about his desire to play for Real Madrid, can’t say the same for many others.

      How long were you here, where all did you go? You should have informed me, I could have given you some local firsthand inputs.

  2. I never knew u loved ur chelsea and Foodball….so much so that u are bound to write an open letter…

    Keep writing ..keep blogging!

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