Indian Politics, a funny game

Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra gets a cabinet berth.  The same Mr. Deshmukh who was forced to resign after the Mumbai attacks. Widespread protest by the people as well as the media resulted in him leaving the post of the CM. Now  six  months later he becomes a cabinet minister,  isn’t this a mockery of  the Indian public?  Someone who had failed to perform get a bumper  bonus.

I was excited about the young brigade as they are called, young faces old surname, its so difficult for normal middle class girl/boy to break into two most public professions, films and politics. You need to have a famous surname to get a foothold, which is so sad, so much for Rahul Gandhi saying that he wants youth power,  there is no representation in the cabinet. The tussel between various allies will continue. DMK supremo openly saying he wants cabinet berth for his family members.  Mamta didi in spite of publicly claiming ,she does not want any cabinet berth gets Railways, well  Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav is a tough act to follow, so look out Mamta di. And so the Great Indian Political Tamasha continues.


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