What an Idea !!!!!!!!!

Idea have scored a sixer with their new advertisement featuring the three superstars of Mumbai Indians. Gullible people , totally addicted to cricket will surely give it a try, who wouldn’t want to talk to Sachin Tendulkar or Zaheer Khan.

My cousin could not stop laughing , when I confessed I did try to call up Sachin Tendulkar. Ok, so i’m not a great fan of cricket, but its SACHIN TENDULKAR yaar, what I got was a stupid voice message.

There must be hundreds  like me; not so gullible but curious people and thousands die hard cricket fan, calling the numbers. How many  of them actually got to talk to Sachin, I would like to know. But Idea sure did rake in a lot of money.

Truly “what an Idea, Sirji” 🙂


4 thoughts on “What an Idea !!!!!!!!!

  1. And what about Vodafone …. they have really hit a jackpot with their new series of zoo-zoo …. those ads are really very very funny ….. 😉

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