Is Secularism the most abused word in Indian Politics?

Secularism: the dictionary says Secularism is “A doctrine that rejects religion and religious considerations”.  This is one word that defines political alliances in India, one word that can bring about parties with different ideologies together as one. Suddenly parties who had been bickering and mud slinging, become great friends, all because of this one powerful word.

But, does secularism truly exist in Indian politics; can we call any party truly secular?  The definition of secularism in Indian politics is anti-BJP. If this is the definition we are following then we have hundreds of secular party in the country, both national and regional, there is one BJP so anyone opposed to BJP is secular. But if we look into the actual definition of the word, I don’t find any one party that is truly secular.

The BJP with their Hinduvta ideology, have always been considered to be communal, but then they do have Muslim, Sikh and Christian leaders within their party, so can we call them communal? Congress the grand old party of India, have always been known to woo the Muslim voters, so doesn’t that make them equally communal? Every party in India tries to portray itself as the messiah of the minority community, isn’t this a sign of not being secular.

I do not have alliance with any political party, neither the BJP or the Congress or any of the ‘n’ number of parties existing. I am just an Indian tired of seeing religion coming into politics. Why can’t we have politics based on development? Why does it have to be based on religion, caste, race, language etc, etc? As an Indian I want inclusive development for all, not for selected few. I want a nation which moves forward, I want opportunities for all, based on merit not on social status. I want us to be a corruption free happy nation, I want honest leaders, not criminals, I want a strong government and equally strong opposition who will all work together for the development of the nation.

But do I see all this happening? Sadly no, not in the near future.


6 thoughts on “Is Secularism the most abused word in Indian Politics?

  1. Yeh, my thoughts exactly. I just want a party that will take our country forward. I am tired of politicians dividing ppl on the basis of religion, region and caste to further their needs. Did u see the candidates’ assets? In the previous election some candidates had declared their asset to be 4 cr n within five years I has tripled, how? What is their source of income? I guess a parliamentarian can’t hold any other office of profit.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. Its interesting to see a political blog… well at least apolitically political.

    Found you while searching for bloggers in Sikkim.

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