My vote

Election day is always an event , the whole family gathers at our ancestral house in our village, its festive and its fun, it was the same this year too.

This was the second time I was voting, so I felt like a veteran, but then when I reached the polling booth I had a queasy feeling, there were butterflies fluttering in my stomach. It was the same the first time too, almost like I’m going in for some examination.

There was a long line, my dad and uncle went right in and cast their vote but poor me had to stand in line. Perks of being a police officers his whole life maybe, he never has to stand in lines. You either have to be a senior citizen, a police officer, or mother with brattish, whiney kids to have any chance of breaking the line. I didn’t belong to any of the above mentioned category, so I diligently stood in line for 30 mins before my turn came. There was a guy who was constantly cracking jokes and keeping everyone entertained, so I didn’t have much problem standing for 30 mins, and the weather was pleasant too. After having my voters id verified I pressed the buttons in the EVM. Then I walked back home feeling proud of having done my duty towards the nation. I’m glad to be living in a democratic nation.


6 thoughts on “My vote

  1. This would have been my first time to vote , had I been at my home !!! … Unfortunately , I have to wait 5 more years ( unless no party comes in majority šŸ˜› )

    • I hope some party does form the government, or else it will be tough on the economy, so u’ll have to wait for 5 more years šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Vidya,

    Glad to hear that voting is such a huge thing for you and your family.

    Nation needs people like u.

    i am just very happy that you voted.

    i will vote on 13th may.

  3. I missed it :(. I missed the hustle n bustle, the fan fare and the speculation and i missed the serpentine Q too:). I was sure i would not get to vote but i did. I was so happy. I love the ink mark on my middle finger:)

    • yes u did, but then atleast you did vote, I know Mumbaikars had the mark on the middle finger, was it a message to the rest of the country or the leader šŸ™‚

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