Seven facts about myself

I have been tagged by vj to reveal seven facts about myself. Facts that people don’t know about me. I’m not sure about the not knowing part, but here are the facts.

  1. I love reading, books, magazines, comics, newspapers i.e. just about anything . What most people don’t know is that I love reading Mills & Boon too or any other romance , handsome Greek or Italian tycoons wooing normal girls , Dutch doctors and English nurses ( Betty Neels), Scottish lairds, English lords, cowboys etc, etc. They make such easy uncomplicated read, and I like the happy endings.
  2. I used to diligently buy the yearly horoscope by Bejan Daruwala till a few years back. Now I don’t even read the daily horoscope in the newspapers.
  3. I never watch horror movies. Movies are for entertainment and relaxation so why should I watch things that leave me shit scared.
  4. I love sports: cricket , football, F1, tennis, X games, just about everything ( I don’t play any ). But football is my favourite. I dream of watching Chelsea play live at Stamford Bridge.
  5. I can spend hours doing nothing but cooking up stories, basically daydreaming. I have thought of writing those tales down, but have not got around doing it, maybe someday I will actually be able to write it down.
  6. I cry buckets while reading emotional books, they move me more than movies.
  7. I want to try out all adventure sports at least once , bungee jumping, para gliding , river rafting, scuba diving, skiing etc etc

The rule says 7 or else I could have gone on and on 🙂

Now I’m supposed to tag 7 people, sorry cant make it 7 but I’ll tag few people Rinchen, Sinolchu, ,Harsh
And yes u’r supposed to mention who tagged you.

If you have nothing else to do (like me ) you can do the tag or else leave it. 🙂


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