Its Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t need Gus Hiddink to spell it out for me. Its over , the race  is truly over.  Now we can sit back and let Liverpool and Man United fight it out.  Do I see us catching up? No, not even in my dreams. And with the kind of form Liverpool is in, the champions league will remain a distant dream.  Arsenal is suddenly playing good, so can’t say about FA cup too. We are going to be trophy less this year too 😦 😦 😦 boo  hooooo


6 thoughts on “Its Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Vidya( or should i say ‘aydiv’)

    Dont be so pessimistic.

    8 more games to go.

    Stranger things have happened in world football.

    Anyway, its Liverpool vs Chelsea again in Champ league.

    Lets see who wins.

    You still have time to switch over to Liverpool camp and

    “You will never walk alone”.

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