Is the race on?

The 4-1 drubbing of Manchester United by Liverpool has got everyone excited.  Its not just the defeat but the kind of defeat and the time of defeat that is important. Since saturday Rafa Benitez has been going on about how they are back in the title race. But he is forgetting one small fact, his race is not just with Man U but Chelsea too, we are placed above them on the table,  and everyone else seems to have forgotten this. Which I think works well for the blues, let the battle of words continue between Liverpool and Man U, and let us sneak in.

But personally I don’t see ManU losing another three games. After the defeat on Saturday I looked into the fixture list, and feel that they will have prettily tied it up by the end of the season.  The Man U- Aston Villa  tie can be crucial, but Villa’s wheels seems to have come off at a very inopportune time.  Then there is Tottenham, they will be looking to avenge there defeat in the Carling Cup final ,and Harry Redknapp’s side usually  does  well against Manchester United. The Manchester derby may bring in some interesting result. City are bad travellers, but this is a derby and strange things can happen, there will be much more passion and they will be fighting for bragging rights too. If these game works in our favour then we have the all important  ManU vs Arsenal tie.  This game may seal the fate for all. But the most important part is that Liverpool and Chelsea will have to win all their matches, and with FA Cup and Champions league thrown in it may be difficult.  But then we can all hope. Lets go Chelsea !!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Is the race on?

  1. when Cristiano got that first penalty in , I thought it was once again a walk in the park for Man U …. but a loss of 4-1 was totally unexpected ….

    Everyone has a bad day …. 😛 …. Cmon Man U … BPL is yours 😉

    • The Torres goal changed the match, he was so cool and composed, and he made Vidic look so mediocre.
      Well the title is for Man United to lose, they have a 4 point lead and a game in hand, but funny things happen in football. Lets wait till the end of May 🙂

  2. Thats incredible.
    A girl writing about football. Very rare and very cool.
    i hope liverpool wins.i just love this team along with Arsenal.
    Excellent blog and excellent header image.

    Happy Blogging

    • Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

      Well a girl liking football is not so rare, I love the game and every aspect of it :). But I need to disagree with you on the winner. I hope Chelsea wins. Blues all the way 🙂

  3. Hi Vidya,

    Thats great to hear that you love football.
    Me too a soccer fan.

    But its Liverpool all the way.
    Support liverpool and “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

    Anyway,see your chelsea in the Champions league…….haha.

    i am blog rolling you.

    • Im, adding you to my blogroll too.
      I’m bored of Chelsea and Liverpool in the Champions League, think we are in for a change 🙂

      “Flying high, up in the sky,
      We’ll keep the blue flag flying high
      From Stamford Bridge to Wemb(er)ley
      We’ll keep the blue flag flying high “

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