Friends, Food & Music a cracking combination


Soulmate the most popular Blues band is India were here in our town.  I am not really a blues fan, but nevertheless enjoyed the show.  They were awesome, so was the new place Cafe Live and Loud, the hip  and happening hangout destination in Gangtok. With good interiors, pulsh sofas and very good sound system, is its the perfect place to relax after a hectic week of work.  The ambience is superb, if only the selection of drinks and nibbles were as good.

It was a perfect setting for a night out with few of my girl pals from school days.  Enjoyed the suberb music by the band from Shillong and the not so superb drink and food. The weekend is over and back to the grind tomorrow but I sure did enjoy this one.

Girls night out
Girls night out

6 thoughts on “Friends, Food & Music a cracking combination

  1. hey i was in sikkim for a couple of days and hats off to this new place called Live & Loud …..and hats off to the Architects Mr. Dorji & Mr. Gary….and last but not the least the owner of the place Mr. Bikash…i hope i got all the guys name perfectly correct….i will come to the place again and Sikkim is beautiful.

  2. Hi there..Couldn’t help commenting..
    I am glad you liked the place and I would like to apologize frm mah brother’s side for the food. .Will let them know about this so when you come next,I hope you find food better…:)

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