Ruminations of an idle mind

An idle mind is a home not for fecund imagination but weird thoughts. Since nowadays, I’m idle most of the time; my mind wanders off to all imaginable and unimaginable places. I was thinking to myself, what if I could time travel to the past, where would I go, and what would I do?

The first stop would be the midnight of August 14th 1947, to hear Pandit Nehru, give the famous ” Tryst with Destiny”  speech, to see India awaken to its freedom.  I would then happily join the Dandi March with Gandhiji.  Break bread with Bhagat Singh, and Subash Chandra Bose, my heroes of Indian freedom struggle.

I would head off to the Wild West, an era that fascinates me till no end.   Ride the trails as mentioned in the Louis L’Amour books, prospecting, travelling, pioneers. Learn to shoot like the famous gunfighters and ride like the Indians. Travel through the mountains and valleys. What a life I would lead 🙂

And also make a stop at Victorian Britain, have 2-3 maids in attendance, do nothing but be beautiful attend the famous balls, go for rides in the park, and look for a rich titled husband. I did read a lot of Barbara Cartland’s romantic historic novels during my teens, and I get this idea totally from her.

The next stop definitely has to be India during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, how the hell did he manage to shift the entire population from Delhi to Daulatabad and back to Delhi again.

Oh and the Scottish highlands, to check out if the lairds were as ferocious and as sexy as portrayed by Julie Garwood in her famous romantic novels.

I have just reached the 10th century and the cell phone  rang, sometimes I hate these modern wonders, I could have gone on and on , well maybe next time.

O,k did you just read this rambling? well, what can I say, God bless you 🙂


8 thoughts on “Ruminations of an idle mind

  1. Well i could not stop myself from traveling along with your words….well it sounded fascinating as reading H. G. Wells’s “Time Machine”but came to a heavy crash towards its end..i expect the continuation of this piece.

  2. Hahaha… you’ve been on a tedious journey looks like, spanning 10 centuries.

    Interesting concept. Although I think I’m quite negative about the whole thing cause I imagine only the bad points like sufferagates, male superiority complex, polygamy and witches being burnt at the stake 😛

    I’d take the no-time-like-the-present option for this. Am scared to face anything else 🙂

  3. @ shital, sometimes I travel to crazier world than this :), i’ll take you for another ride some other time 🙂
    @ Rinchen, I’m looking only at the positive aspects 🙂 , and I always have the switch to turn back (meaning someone yelling for me or cell phone ringing etc etc)
    @ harsh i’m an escapist, a world tour in my dream is better than no world tour at all 🙂

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