My Rant

Recently I got an invitation on facebook , to join a group called  A Consortium of Pub-going,  Loose and Forward  Women

As I was enraged by what took place in Manglore, I joined the group.  The members were asked to send pink chaddi (underpants) to the chief of Ram Sena.   I fail to understand what those pink chaddi’s would achieve. I don’t like the thought of flaunting my undergarment in public.  Couldn’t there have been a better way of showing outrage.

I occasionally go to pub, have a couple of drink and dance. Does that make me a loose , forward women.  I don’t think so.  So the name doesn’t sit well with me . I am totally against the act carried out by Ram Sena, but I don’t like the retaliation method chosen by the women either. It was one incident,  though a bad one, I feel sorry for the women involved, but the media blew it out of proportion, and suddenly a man hitherto unknown becomes a national figure.  He got what he wanted, and above mentioned groups are keeping it alive.  The media called it talibanisation of India, I’m sorry, but we can’t even comprehend what is happening to women in Afghanistan. How can the term be so loosely used, it’s an insult to those brave women who are surviving the brutal conditions, where getting education and proper healthcare is a struggle.  It was a stray incident, which should be dealt properly and firmly, but nothing more.

Morality is totally subjective, depends on person to person, family to family, region to region, and so is the culture. There is nothing like Indian morality and culture.  What is right for a family in the North- East may be wrong for someone in Haryana.  So whose norms are the  Ram Sena following. Let the moral policing be left to parents, who know what is best for their kids. And lets remember that our culture is not fragile and it will not crumble easily. It has survived for thousands of years and will do so in the future


7 thoughts on “My Rant

  1. Oh bravo! Extremely well written!!! I loved this post because I agree with you entirely.

    I dont see any problem in women drinking, dancing and visiting pubs. Therefore, I give a damn what people think a woman should do or dont do.

    The pink chaddi reaction was as extreme as the moral policing business and its all about two wrongs making a right, I feel as well.

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  3. @ Ghazala Khan , I’ll be glad to answer your questions
    @Sinolchu , I know we think alike
    @ Rinchen, celebrity , thats not me 🙂

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