The Chelsea merry-go-round

So now its Scolari out Hiddink in. As a fan it  is painful to watch the club change 3 managers in a year. Aren’t the players responsible too? Why is the manager always made the scrapegoat? Ok so Gene Hackman is not my favourite manager, but will sacking him so close to a champions league match be useful? The right move would have been to let go of Drogba , who is always cribbing about how unhappy he is. We need fresh blood, young players,  but all we seem to do is get rid of managers.  The Chelsea job is like a poisonous chalice. I had expected Mr. Scolari to last longer, but it was not to be, the poision got to him. Can Hiddink , turn it around.?I hope you know what you are doing Mr. Abramovich, because I just can’t seem to figure out what is happening.  The most successful clubs have always stood by their managers, but not us. I’m sad, just can’t figure out where the club is heading to.  Looks like we are going to be trophy less even this year. Hiddink will need all the luck in this world. Well, as a fan I can just hope for the best.

Welcome to the Chelsea merry-go-round  Mr. Hiddink and all the best to you.


11 thoughts on “The Chelsea merry-go-round

  1. Well i do not know how to round up your creative interest, i can only say…..right thing in a wrong place.

    Would love to read many more of your writings…

  2. Rinchen Mr. Scolari looks like Gene Hackman 🙂 just google the photographs 🙂
    @ ctal, right thing in a wrong place ??? Didn’t get you ?
    BTW thanks for visiting again 🙂

  3. i believe u r in a wrong place …the fluency you have in your writings make me feel you are in a wrong job and born in wrong place….I see you as a brilliant sports journalist or even a sports commentator…What i like the best of you is the mere fact that you have that understanding of what you write….Never stop your flair for writing.

  4. WOW thanks, this is the first time i’m being complimented for my writing 🙂 and I accept it 😀 thank you, thank you
    but realistically I know its not great, I have limited vocabulary ,and I can’t do humor 😀 . I just write what I feel, just a way getting things out of my system.
    A sports journalist, wow, now that would have been great 🙂

  5. I agree with ctal completely. You would have made a really good sports journalist cause you observe things normal people dont and you have a very good understanding of the games.


  6. Just look inside yourself….watch out for broader venture…sky is the limit.

    i want you to write in a topic that i wanted myself to write but it could never happened, can you write on this…

    ” Dhoni is not a charismatic leader but a lucky Captain?”

  7. Ctal when Dhoni came into the scene I thought he was plain lucky, but i’m not so sure anymore. Luck can do so much for you, but beyond that there has to be something special, I like the way he is so calm even in tense situation. So maybe he is actually a charismatic leader.

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