of birthdays and getting older

Exactly a year back I had Birthday Blues ,today morning I had a panic attack, I turned 28 , the dreaded 30 is just two years away 😦
and life is the same , pretty drab with no excitement, I am still doing the same thing I was doing last year, I have put on few kilos of weight, I no longer fit into a medium sized T-Shirt, my dream of a vacation in Singapore is still a dream, and I have still not met Mr. Right ( does he exist) Can it get worse than this? I started the day with zero expectation.

But then God must have thought, It’s her b’day today,  let it be special , I  had a great day,  my brother was the first to call me up  which is a small miracle in itself, he is always  the last,  long lost friends made expensive international calls,  I got to know that my best friend is pregnant  and  to top it all my students got a cake for me. It had been years since I had cut a cake , it was so sweet of them, made my day :).

To quote my good friend Rinchen
“Another year older, none the wiser. And we’ll live happily ever after”
I’ll continue as I am, a bit crazy ,a bit wild, eccentric, a dreamer and an optimist, who still believes that the world will get better .


5 thoughts on “of birthdays and getting older

  1. Happy birthday once again! 🙂 Indeed how sweet were the students to get you a cake… wonder whose idea that was. Do you think he/she will get a little more extra marks in your subject? 😛

    28 is the best of all ages, in my opinion. Make the best out of it and dont go too much searching for Mr Right. What if you married him and then found out his first name was Always

    (Apologies for cracking this joke all the time. Cant resist it whenever I hear the words – Mr Right)

  2. Extra marks from me now that is next to impossible 🙂
    ur right, I’d go crazy with a Mr. Always Right 😉 thanks for reminding me 🙂

  3. Well…. i came to your blog accidentally and i am happy i came. Had i knew it before i could have asked for sweets but still can we have your birthday sweets…uuff kasto mah hai…Birthday wish nagari mithai magekoh, decentness nai chainah…Sorry lah.

    I recall few lines of one of my favourite poem…so this one is for you….

    “Grow old along with me!
    The best is yet to be,
    The last of life, for which the first was made”.

  4. @Kriszha nughty at thorty !!! , dont know what u mean ha ha 😀

    @ctal , thanks for the wishes and also for stumbling accidentally to this page 😀 as for “sweets”, I don’t really know the meaning of the word 😀

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