Numero Uno

After the last French open, I had written a post wishing for the king of clay to become the king of all surface. and yesterday the wish was fullfilled. Rafael Nadal has finally won on all surface.  Sure, he is still the king of clay, but there is no denying that he has managed to master the lush green of Wimbledon and the hard surface of Melbourne Park.


But the sad part was that Nadal didn’t even get to celebrate the win. Isn’t the presentation ceremony all about the winner? But it looked like it was all about Federer’s loss and not Nadal’s win. Nadal almost looked guilty for winning, the crowd, the presenter and Federer’s over active tear duct made him feel so.  Federer should have done more to stop the flow, when Safina could do it why couldn’t he. I am not against men crying in public, but the way Federer was hogging the limelight was wrong. In his post match interview he didn’t even acknowledge the champion. I like watching Roger Federer play, but I have somehow started disliking the person. His dig at Andy and Novak was uncalled for, and he comes out as arrogant in most of his recent interviews.


My post cannot be complete without mentioning Safin.  Can someone please  play two set of practice match with him before letting him out on the court.  He seems to wake up and realise he is playing a competitive game after the 2nd set. And all his talks of retirement is depressing, I  stay up all night to catch a glimps of him playing even if its in the first round. If he retires, his fans will never get to see him, more importantly i’ll never get to see him, and that is unacceptable 😦 . Or maybe  he’ll  make an effort to come and watch Safina play the finals,  which would be really sweet.



2 thoughts on “Numero Uno

  1. Arey, Federer cried!?! I missed the match (actually the entire Open :P) and its a good thing because I’m a big fan of Fed-ex – pun intended – and it would have broken my heart having to watch him lose.

    But going by your review, Federer does come across as a poor sport, which is understandable though (still a fan) I guess he’ll retire soon or something!

    Safin is my fave bad boy. He is so good looking!!! And watching that temper on TV makes it all the more interesting.

    Sounds like quite a final, mixed reactions as to how I feel about missing it in the end!

  2. You did miss 4 sets of pure magic, was like a sea-saw, couldn’t decided who would win, but Fed just crumbled in the fifth set.
    Nadal is super human, the semi against Nando lasted for 5hrs 15 mins and then he was back playing Fed in the finals in less than 48 hrs. A match that lasted 4 hrs 23 mins. An extra days rest didn’t help Fed and there I was worried about Nadal suffering from fatigue. 🙂
    I’m crazy about Safin, still have the newspaper cuttings of his 2005 win 🙂 , sad that he is retiring 😦

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