Mumbai Diary : Celebrating Life

I was contemplating what should I call my travelogue- Bombay Diary or Mumbai Diary? Some of my friends prefer the Portuguese or was it English , Bombay -they are bombayite, cool, sophisticated, hip, far ahead than the rest of the county, at least in their attitude. I somehow prefer the Indian- Mumbai, and Mumbaikar , feels real, earthy and nice.

Traveling by train in India is quiet an experience, i.e. if you are well prepared for the pitfalls namely dirty toilets and hawkers irritating the hell out of you. Kudos to our railway minister , the trains seemed nicer, the toilets cleaner and lo – no hawkers. But then maybe because I was traveling by AC and through one of the best route.

It had been ages since the whole family has been together. And here we are so far away from home, all of us, celebrating life, family and the love that binds us all together. I don’t know when this will happen again , so I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest.

The last day of the year was spent walking along the marine drive with my family. Saw the Oberoi Trident, it made me shudder thinking of the carnage that took place there. But the city has bounced back, except for the TV crews focusing on the Trident and boarded windows of the hotel, rest everything was normal, people out in hoards, some walking their dogs, some with their young children, teenagers flirting, and many many family like ours , out for a stroll, glad to be alive and together to usher in the new year. I also made great use of my Sony Digital Cam, the sun setting in the Arabian sea is a great sight, the Mumbai skyline during dusk is a sight to behold.

Dusk at Mumbai
Land meets sea: Dusk at Mumbai

3 thoughts on “Mumbai Diary : Celebrating Life

  1. luks like u had an xcellent starting to the year……mumbai is one of the best places to go for holidayz……wishin a very happy new year to u… 😀

  2. The pic looks really good! Hey, happy new year. I went to Thimpu (finally!) Pics up on facebook. Bhutan always reminds me of Jigmee’s forever failed plan 😀

    Have a good time in Mumbai. See you on 19th!

  3. @Harsh : Happy New Year to you too
    @Rinchen: How I wish 19th was a month away 😦 Checked ur facebook pic 🙂 great . A happy new year to you too

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