Impulsive buy

Today I just got this impulse to buy a book. Considering the fact that I am broke and have not got my pay-cheque yet, it was not a very healthy impulse. I went to my regular book store, its called “Good Books”, the sad fact is there is nothing good about the store, it has a very limited collection of books and  never has the book I am looking for. Which was again the case today, I was looking for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight.  But the guy in the shop had not even heard of it.  Maybe once the movie is out he will get it. While he was showing me all the other books he had,  I saw “TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD” by Harper Lee a book which i always wanted to read but never got around doing it, and immediately asked him to pack it.

I was almost done looking around when he asked, have you read ” THE THORN BIRDS “ by Colleen Mccullough,  to be absolutely frank I had never heard of it, and said so. He looked at me as if I  was some alien or a nerd. Maybe it was his way of getting back at me, for always looking for books that he does not have. “Its a classic, in the line of  Gone with the wind, you’ve heard of that right”. OK so I may have not read this book , but c’mon Scarlett and Rhett, everyone who reads fiction will have read it.  It felt like I had committed some crime, and I had to pay the penance. I smiled at him and asked him to get the book packed, so much for being broke, instead of one I ended up buying two books. Hope its worth the money.



5 thoughts on “Impulsive buy

  1. Yeah, even I heard that The Thorn Birds is supposed to be a good book. Read the other one in college way back and have now forgotten how it is.

    Last book I bought was Brisingr; still too poor to buy another one.

    P.S. Salary credited yesterday night, says mobile banking service. Hahaha…

  2. Great news,this month has dragged on and on (financially).
    Hope the book is good , i’ll pass it on to you after i’m done with it.

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