I was tagged by Harsh to reveal 6 quirky things about me.

Quirk : A strange attitude or habit.

Here it goes.

1.  I have to cross my fingers when I see an empty Doko  ( a container used to hold cut grass or tea leaves or just about anything ) or a Ruppie ( a small bird found all over , with yellow beak and brown feather).  The habit started young , when in school one ruppie was considered bad luck, and so was empty doko. And to get over the bad luck one  had to cross the fingers. I still remember the song  about the ruppie. Its one for sorrow for some, but I prefer joy as I am an optimist.

One for joy , Two for good luck

Three for letter , Four for boy 

Five for money, Six for honey

Seven for silver, Eight for gold

Nine for a secret not to be told.

Whoever wrote this is  a genius. 🙂

2.  I am paranoid of other people hacking into my account. I keep changing the password and keep forgetting the new  one , and then again I have to change it or retrieve it, and so the cycle continues. I feel the service providers are snooping on us, trying to figure out what we do. but there is nothing I can do about it 😦

3. Now this ritual is really stupid, but I follow it nevertheless.  If I have any inking that I’ll get into trouble, I take one strand of hair and make a tiny knot. I don’t know why it works but it does get me out of trouble.

4.  If anything interesting happens, I have a habit of putting my hand over my mouth,  and for this I get teased incessantly by my brother.

5. I am a big big big Chelsea fan, but when it comes to watching the matches, I am a nervous wreck, I miss half the match as I am so tensed, whenever the ball is at the opposite end , I end up calling God for intervention.

6. I am not deeply religious , but every time I leave home, I touch the ganapati photo placed right at the entrance of the house.


The tags says six , but now that I have started writing, I can think of many such habits which are strange.  Passing the tag to 




5 thoughts on “Quirk

  1. Hahaha… Thanks for the tag; something to write about in my now forgotten blog.

    That poem’s really nice, I had forgotten about it!

  2. “I am paranoid of other people hacking into my account. “…….. we share that quirk….. In my nightmares I see noobs hacking into my account….. 😦 …….btw I am a big Man U fan….. 😀

  3. he he he he he he i just cant stop laughing… do u lnow i still take one strand of hair and make a tiny knot. It works for me too. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

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