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Wow , what a day. I was glued to the Internet, scrounging for news and details. I was watching history being made. It may not be something directly related to me or my country (but we do get affected some way or other), nevertheless it was something amazing. I have been following the campaign for the past two year, through , news channels and sites , but mainly through blogs. I read wide range of opinions, some ridiculous, some funny , some outright nasty and enjoyed it all. What a race, and now a very deserved winner. If I was an American , I would have voted for Obama too. Well, he proved that anything is possible. You just need to dream big and believe in it, he truly gives hope to people across the world. It was amazing to see people rejoicing his victory all across the globe, from Kenya to Indonesia  , to Japan. This itself proves what an inspirational figure he is. How he performs will be seen over the next 4 years, these are hard times, with financial crises and wars and recession. But great men thrive on challenges, and I’m sure Mr. Obama will come out as a winner in this too.


9 thoughts on “OBAMA OBAMA

  1. You know I always do. Politics interests me immensely. So I will be showing much more enthusiasm for the general elections. 🙂 . What were you thinking 😀

  2. I would’ve voted for Obama too. I dont know a lot about him but I think it’s high time for a change in the “regular” kind of US president. Who knows, after the catastrophic Bush, this guy may finally work out great!

    So he takes office in January 2008, huh? Nice to see the first African-American President of the United States. (Feeling sorry for Sarah Palin!) 🙂

  3. Hahaha… 2009! 🙂 I cant even imagine writing the new year’s date. Happens to me each year. Am so caught up with the current year that any other higher number’s a far, far away thing.

  4. Hey, I finally watched Obama’s acceptance speech and I was blown away! The supporters were so emotional while he delivered an awesome speech without faltering!

    Makes you wish he was your president too, isnt it? My fave was – I will listen to you, especially when we disagree.

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