OMG kids

Today’s kids are much more smarter than what we were at their age.  Last week I asked my nephew who is in class I what his rank was during the half yearly  exam.  He replied 17th ,  I asked  why not first , and he promptly replied “What does it matter if he is 1st or 17th , in both the case he will get promoted to the next class”   I had no answer to that, furthermore he added “Cut the 7 from 17 then I am first “  . I could not match his wit.  Then I remembered how I hated it when others asked me the same question, but I was never smart enough to give such an answer. 

I also learnt that it is never wise to take a kid to a toy store and ask him/her to choose a birthday gift.  When I asked my nephew and nieces to do so , I was appalled , they invariably would pick the most expensive items from the shelves. I had my task cut out, explaining that the things they picked were not good enough (a small pocket friendly  lie). The best thing to do is pick the gift, pack it and give it.  Kids happy, so is your bank balance.



4 thoughts on “OMG kids

  1. So sweet these kids! Who’re they? 🙂 Did you make them pose for this photo?

    I do the pocket friendly lie sometimes when my sis accidentally points at a heart stoppingly expensive thing in the market. Hahaha… what they dont know wont hurt them… and by the time they do, they’d hopefully be too grown up to care 😀

  2. my niece and nephews, it was so hard making them sit still, especially the younger ones, they are a handful. I don’t know how their parents manage. Kids are great, as long as I have to spend only a few hrs with them.

  3. Pearls of wisdom. I like being the cool grownup – the one who doesnt scold and therefore dont have to be responsible for them 🙂

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