It’s a cruel world

Oh! how cruel for Massa.  How I was rooting for him to win , but fate had some other story to write. Why couldn’t the rain hold off for one more lap , why oh why???

Congratulations to Hamilton, frankly I’m not a fan of his. I find him a bit arrogant, a bit too slick , a bit to Mr. Goody . Always saying the right thing.  But its doesn’t work for me. I may be wrong, but that’s the way I feel.

 I’m waiting for next season with anticipation, the rivalry between Massa and Hamilton , with Kimmi back to his best,Alonso and Kubica contending . Or better still a rookie coming out of nowhere and taking the circuit by storm.


6 thoughts on “It’s a cruel world

  1. Ha ha, given an option I would remain glued to any sports channel. I love watching anything and everything, now I’m trying to figure out how golf works.
    Maybe its because I suck at actually playing any sport 🙂

  2. Always cheered for Massa over Hamilton ….. as I always do for a Ferrari driver…… just 1 point in between them… 😦 ….. ……so close and yet so far…….though am happy that ferrari took the constructor’s ….. next year surely one of the two , Kimi or Massa , will take the crown….

  3. @ Harsh , I have always been a Ferrari fan too. Can’t think of supporting anyone else.
    BTW I am not able to connect to your blog, my chrome browser gives a warning message that there is some malicious content ( )

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