An environment friendly Diwali

Diwali is right around the corner. I’m sure everyone who does celebrate this festival have finished with their pre-Diwali preparations ( cleaning the house, painting it, ordering gifts and sweets or making it  etc etc) The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Diwali is the diyas that light up our houses ( which is slowly being replaced with Chinese made electric lights). Another thing that comes to mind is the fire crackers, but what we fail to realize is the tremendous amount of noise and air pollution as well as the health hazard caused by these very crackers. Diwali is a time for merriment and fun, but cant we extend it to include the environment too.Cant we have an environment friendly Diwali? Or is it necessary to burst crackers, I think Diwali is a festival of light not noise, so why do we spend so much of money for a few seconds of our selfish pleasure. It has been several years since I consciously stopped burning crackers. My friends in hostel would goad me, saying what would one person do. I stood by my principle and I’m glad I did. Now even my Dad who was so fond of fire crackers has stopped burning them. So its a no fire crackers rule at home. I’m not  blowing my own trumpet. I just want to point out that we can have a happy, fun filled and less polluting Diwali if we really want to. Now when environment pollution and global warming is such a burning issue, every human being should show some responsibility. We may not be able to change the policies ,that is for the government to do, but we can contribute by being aware and doing the right thing, which again may not necessarily mean the same for everyone. I have friends who cannot think of Diwali without fire crackers, for them what I say is crap 🙂 . But then I stick to it because it is what I believe in. 






4 thoughts on “An environment friendly Diwali

  1. For me too, Diwali’s more a festival of lights than sounds. I am extremely afraid of fire crackers, especially the one called chocolate bomb or something!

    If only more people feel this way, it would’ve been really good.

  2. I burst a box full of crackers…including a 1000 shots and a few rockets..and I now feel dam guilty…was planning to continue tomorrow…but won’t…u have made another green Indian…thanx!! 😀

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