Just another day of my life

Now that our small town has a FM station of its own,  that’s what we listen to on our way to work, the early morning attraction being the daily horoscope. Against the convention the show starts with Aquarius and I somehow always miss it. Today as I was early I managed to catch it. The RJ happily announced that today  Aquarians would meet the love of their life without even making an effort. It’s 8 in the evening , and I have yet to  meet my prince charming 🙂 . I hope some aquarian somewhere did. With the kind of schedule I have my social life is non existing, so I really don’t know where the love of my life will drop from.

There was a time when I was obsessed with horoscope. I would buy the new Bejan Daruwala booklet even before the current year had ended and go through all the months in advance , deciding on which was favourable for me. The first thing I would turn to in the morning newspaper was the horoscope. I no longer do it, I’ve realised its all crap. 

With the Diwali vacation approaching, I’m increasingly finding difficulty in conducting classes. Everyone is in a festive mood, not interested in studies. Playing the big bad wolf, I had announced sessional test for tomorrow & day after. Today the students were following me around asking me to  postpone it. The bad wolf act didn’t last for long and I gave in. 

I have found a great way to make them study for my test. Once they ask for postponement, I put a clause saying that , every one has to pass. Even if one student fails then the ones who have passed and got good marks will get only the minimum pass marks. It worked the last time. They study , not because they fear me , but because they fear their own classmates.  No one wants to be the guy because of whom eveyone lost their hard earned marks 🙂 . An ingenious solution, I should say 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just another day of my life

  1. Last day remaining before Diwali vacations. I’m waiting for the hols to start… completely wrapped up in holiday mood. Hard to maintain focus that I dont fall in the ‘student’ category 🙂

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