Readers Block uh???

Right now I’m suffering from a readers-block. I have such a selection of unread books just waiting for my attention. They are crying out to me, to come and flip them open, but I just can’t seem to do it. There is “BRISINGR” a book I had been waiting for soo long,  and I have just managed a few pages. The ” Golden Compass ” is lying around somewhere, so is ” The Last Testament” and a selection of millsandboon. Phew! Normally when I get any book, I complete it within a day or two, and if it is really interesting, I read the whole night, not bothered about sleep or work the other day. I do want to get over this block.

I must also be suffering from viewers-block, if there is  such a word, or whatever it is called. I have a selection of DVDs lying around, but just cant bring myself to watch it. I have been meaning to watch these movies for so long. Think I’ll have to return it back without viewing. 

So am I actually suffering from lack of concentration? Whatever it is , I need to get over it soon.


5 thoughts on “Readers Block uh???

  1. I’ve not gone past a few pages of Brisingr too! Lot of things on my mind, I guess. No hurry with the DVDs btw. Take your time, you can return them after you watch ok 🙂

  2. Yup. I cant wait to find out where the Raz’ac have hidden Katrina. Feeling very sorry for Roran at this point of time 🙂

  3. Books ….. Books …. Books ….. as the sessionals are approaching , I find myself engulfed in a thunderstorm of books ….. and I can’t help it but to read them …. really wished I had the privilege to shove them away ……

  4. @ harsh 🙂 I know how it feels , and I’m glad that I’m over it. Just hang on and Best of Luck for ur sessionals 🙂

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