Blown by a whiff

I had 11 days of Puja vacation, and I don’t know where its all gone, now I’ll have to report back to work on Monday, and right now, I hate  the thought of it. 

The first 5 days of my vacation was spent being ill. What lousy timing to get the flu. Its not right to be envious of others, I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way 😦 I always thought that being waited on, and pampered  while  being ill was fun coz I never got the seasonal flu. Me being sturdy and all.  But now that I have actually gone through the process I didn’t find anything fun . I was bored to death.

Its not that I didn’t have fun, the rest of the days were fun filled . Went to our village for tika. Enjoyed few drinks, barbecued mutton and chicken ,and also managed a trip to neighbouring Nepal. Now eagerly waiting for the Diwali vacation.


4 thoughts on “Blown by a whiff

  1. Oh god! I can relate to the first sentence as if I had said it myself!!! 🙂

    You got ill first 5 days??? Damn shame. Me finally made the virgin pilgrimage to Cosmos in Siliguri. Oh man! Nearly fell using the escalators after a longgg time. Was slightly ashamed but my friends held my hand… 🙂

    Had loads of fun. Pssst… am playing truant on monday and going to Siliguri again. Hahaha… see you on tuesday.

  2. Wow, so u have one more day, great. I will have to go on Monday, running short on CL , may need it for some other time.
    And we are working on Saturdays this month 😦 .I’m now waiting for diwali break

  3. its funny how every vacation pass by in a ziffy ….. and in the end during the last or the penultimate day , most of my thing is passed looking at the clock and praying it to tick slower and slower…..

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