Past revisited

Today I came across my old “AUTO BOOK” as we called it then. A small note book , where wrote few lines for our friends, as was the fad then. Some of my friends had even pasted their photograph.  Going through the pages did bring back fond memories. Forgotten names and faces came back. I wonder where they all are now.  We were really innocent and childish. The cover of the book itself shows how childish I was. I actually have picture of kittens and sticker of bambi. I had not discovered rock music yet, nor models or flim stars.  Most of us wanted to be doctors then, very few ended up as one. 

One of my teacher had written

” A human being is not in any proper sense, a human being till he is educated”. 

I’m sure it must not have made any sense to me then, I was a very stupid 9 year old 🙂 , no sign of improvement there even after 18 years.   

And what acronym and rhymes , where did we actually get those from. 

I think I should put down a select few here.

ITALY                                         ABC                                 FRANCE

I- I                                            A- Avoid                          F- Friendship 

T- Trust                                    B-Bad                              R- Remains 

A- And                                      C- Company                   A- And

L- Love                                                                            N- Never

Y- You                                                                             C- Can

                                                                                        E- End

“King loves golden ship, queen loves silver ship, But I love friendship”

” I have a pen that is blue, i have a fried that is you”

“Flower is to see not to pick, friendship is to make not to break”

” Mountains can fly, rivers can dry, you can forget me but never can I”

So tacky , but then we were stupid 9- 10 year old girls, Cable TV was not a reality , we had not discovered rock music. No internet. As compared to now life was pretty boring.  So maybe this was our way of making it interesting.

snapsht of AUTO BOOK
snapshot of AUTO BOOK

7 thoughts on “Past revisited

  1. Aww.. such sweet kittens. 9 year old, huh? How adorable. You are right – no cable, music or internet at that time! What did we do to pass the time???

  2. Sweet !! i was actually embarrassed, when I found the book. But what the heck, that was me then 🙂

    So what did we do, wait the whole week for friday , so that we could watch chitrahar 🙂 Sundays were special , movies and cartoon shows, with only good old DD there was not much choice ha ha
    Oh! and how can I forget , games like ” Fire in the mountain Run , Run, Run ” , ” I sent a letter ” etc etc 🙂

  3. This post sure did bring a smile on my face, now it has turned into a smile. My colleague is wondering what’s wrong with me. The picture of my ‘Auto Book’ just flashed by me. Hmm I don’t think I have kittens but then I made an auto book much later… I guess when I was in 10th, so it’s bit happening. I know those were the days, when we used to eagerly finish homework and go out to play ‘lukne lukne’, ‘chor –polish’, ‘lathi le hirkaune’ etc. Oh how we used to love it when there used to be blackouts… right time to play lukne lukne … ha ha ha. I pity the kids now, what with invertors and everything, they don’t get to experience such pleasures.

  4. I remember betting a lot during Chitrahaar sessions as to which film star would appear for the week… people made a lot of cash that day… those were the days…

  5. I dont hav an ‘AUTO BOOK’ but i have a slam book, which i read once in a while, and drown myself in the memories of good od times…. 🙂

  6. i used to have a craze for pokemon 5 years back when I was in high school…….few days back , I found one of my old collections where I had gathered a number of pokemon tazzos ……. I thought , “I must have been insane to fall for these things”…. lol

  7. I had this craze fro WWF or WWE (as it is known now) cards. Specially of Bret the Hitman Hart:) and I would trade with others to get as many Hitman cards as possible

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