The Baap of all Chilli

Now, this plant here with sweet looking berries is my mother’s pride,  Me being a lazy head, had not had the time to go and look at our terrace garden.  Today being an unexpected off day and with nothing to do I took time out to look at the plants, and there I see the 4th hottest chilli in the world ripe and ready.  I dont know how right the ranking is, I was told about it by my brother who calls himself an expert on chilli ( ha ha ha I have my doubts).  He even bought home a piece of  dried red chilli claiming it is the 2nd hottest in the world, The Raja Mairchi of Nagaland. I didnt try it so i cant actually compare it with our Dalley.

As for the name, locally its called Dalley Khorsani. Dalley in Nepali means round and khorsani is chilli . So it basically means round chilli. Apt name for it.  

We people in the hills are addicted to Dalley. During this season, you’ll see every small vegetable vendor selling dalley and the price can be as high as Rs 200 per Kg. For the months its not available, you get the pickled dalleys.

We ourselves have 10 different variety of pickled dalley. Dally in vinager, dally with salt, dally in oil, dally with bamboo shoot, dalley paste, dalley with timbur, dalley with ginger and garlic, dalley with mustard salt and the list goes on. Every year my mom finds out different ways to preserve it.

As for how hot it is ask some of the unsuspecting tourist , who mistook it for a cherry, I’m sure they will never forget it 🙂 .


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