RIP Ginny 29/05/2008 – 10/09/2008


I never realised how much I loved you, and how much I would missed you.  You were with us only for two month , but u brought us great joy.  Even today when I entered the house , I expected you to come running to me barking, wagging your tail, expecting some tit-bit. Its going to take a long time to get used to you not being there.  I miss your funny antics , how you were so afraid of the gas cylinder and went crazy barking.  The way you followed me around the kitchen. Your eyes so full of hurt when I scolded you.

I feel so guilty , maybe you could have lived longer, if you had gone to some other home. Maybe the accident would never have happened. I don’t know, Mom says , maybe you were meant to live only for this short time. Everyone is trying to console me , saying it was no ones fault, but still I cant help feeling guilty.

Little did i know, when I told my colleague , I’ll be posting your pictures in this blog, that it would be the only pictures. That I would come back home, to find you gone forever.  You didn’t even get to meet the person who actually named you.

We all miss you. Hope you have gone to a better place.  We all love you.


3 thoughts on “RIP Ginny 29/05/2008 – 10/09/2008

  1. What happened??? Oh, she looks so cute. Poor pup. RIP.

    Hey, dont blame yourself. Maybe she was meant only to live for so long. Bichara 😦

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