Life- the past two days.

I have been on a forgetting spree. I changed my gmail password and immediately forgot it. I tried so many options but to no avail, and I have long stopped using my alternate email so that is  inactive too.  I’ll have to wait for  at least 5 days to get it back, i.e IF i remember my security question and the answer to it. I never paid much attention while filling up the security questions. Now I realise how important it is. So now I cant contact my friends nor login to Orkut 😦 .  Then I created a new id  with coz it sounds better than,  and  the same thing happened, I forgot the password .Thank god their recovery method is simpler. At leat they send an SMS. Is it signs of me going bonkers. Hope not.

Now to some positives. I downloaded “google chrome”, and its great. Its faster and does not slow down even when multiple tabs are open. It uses only one address bar for search and URL so that’s g8 too.  I like the start page where the frequently used sites are shown in thumbnail view. So i don’t have to type the URL. It has a very simplistic interface. Since its a beta version it can only improve further. I hope google will release some extensions pretty soon. Overall its good, so I’m making a switch from firefox to chrome.


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