Rock On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Friday evening I’ve been doing nothing but talking about this movie to everyone  I come across.  It was just fantastic. I have almost memorised the songs , and I did download it for free ha ha, OK so I’m not supposed to. But I so desperately wanted to listen to the songs after watching the movie, and downloading it was the only option available. To make things right I’ll buy a CD for the car.

I’m a tad jealous of Farhan Akthar, is there nothing that the guy cant do. A great director,  producer, now actor ,a singer- should say a very good one . And looks good too.  Ok so God has been real meharban on him.

I have always been a fan of Arjun Rampal , OK not so much for his acting, but he is a hunk.  My friends would go crazy when I would drag them along to watch his movies.  But then who cared I was more interested in watching him, no matter how boring the movie. And now in Rock On he really rocks . Wow , I’ve never seen him look so good, and he can ACT  ha ha. Not to forget the other cast members who are all superb.

If someone happens to stumble across this blog, which is quiet unlikely , please go and watch the movie. Its great , its amazing. 

On a different note , I never considered myself to be addicted to the Internet, because it was always there, and I never used it for more than an hour. But with the reliance employees going on strike , I was left with no Internet connection.  I didn’t know what to do between 7.30 to 9 pm. I missed my daily dose of football gossip and celeb gossip.  Think I started developing a withdrawal symptom. Thank God It got restored, before I went completely crazy. Next time I’ll think twice before claiming I’m not addicted to anything.


One thought on “Rock On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hahaha… my bsnl broadband’s down and I feel the same way. Airtel mobile office a real saviour 🙂

    I loved Rock On. Omg, these guys are SO COOL, they’ve redefined the meaning of rockstar in the movies, I think.

    Loved Farhan Akhtar in the first half although he looked so radically different in the second! (that I didnt like so much) Loved Arjun Rampal throughout the movie even though I thought his mooch in the second half looked fake.

    Nevertheless, I loved the movie. Superb music.Farhan Akhtar sings like a real rock star. What a supremely talented guy!

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