The Drama of Ayes and Nays

Like millions of people across India and many  around the world, I was glued to the news channel on the 21st and 22nd. And I was not disappointed, there was drama, suspense, tension, showmanship, it was better than the daily soap that my mom watches.  And at the end there was victory for a man who was considered weak for most of his time in office. Congratulations Mr. Prime Minister.

But will he be held at ransom by the people who supported him. Will he fulfill all their demands. But the good news as I understand is that, there can be no vote for 6 months, so listen to me Mr. Prime Mister , just shove their demands up their ****. ha ha ha.  Our politicians are famous for making U turns, their mantra seems to be speak and forget. Mr. Amar Singh a glaring example. I admire this guy, I mean he is the master of U turns.

The discipline in the parliament is something thats better left undiscussed.   I think primary school students are better behaved then our parliamentarian. But one person who made a positive impact, was the headmaster himself, Mr. Somnath Chatterjee.  His conduct was immaculate. My admiration for him has grown.

Like any other concerned citizen , I tried my best to find out about the all important N deal. I bought 4 different magazines, each had the picture of either our Prime Minister or Mrs. Gandhi with Rahul baba making guest appearance .  After reading all the four magazines, I was left no more wiser then before, rather I  am more  confused.  Ever magazine had its own interpretation, and after reading it I interpreted that everyone was confused like me :D. So I can understand the esteemed  parliamentarians not knowing a thing about the deal.  Some even said that the deal will help us to produce 10000 Kilo tonne of energy. Kilo tonne, ha ha ha don’t these guys do even a bit of homework.

One thing glaring at the debate was the hypocrisy of various people, be it ruling or opposition.  Its sad that they are the people who govern our future. One thing I have failed to understand is the word “Secular”.  Poor word , must be quiet drained with being tossed around by so many parties.  Everyone has to use it, when the bottom line is no one in Indian Politics is secular.

Watching the proceedings I felt that we need to have an age limit on parliamentarians.  When there is a retirement age for everyone then why not for our MP’s.  And what about having an age limit for Prime Ministers. Lets say you can be the Prime Minister if your age is between 45 to 60.  Wow, it does sound wonderful, but then who would listen to poor me.

I would like to be a parliamentarian myself , who wouldn’t , but then no political family, no criminal record, no bank balance. These factors will never allow me to be one. So I’ll have to be happy just watching the proceedings on television and write silly blog about it.


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