Just finished reading this amazing book by Arvind Adiga. Looking at India and its system through the eyes of Balram Halwai was very interesting. India, that is totally corrupt, lawless and morally drained , not a very pretty picture.

With most Indian authors , the protagonist either belongs to the middle class or the upper end of the social strata. So it was nice to find a protagonist who belongs to the bottom of the heap.

Arvind Adiga scores with his simplistic writing, no big words, nothing very fancy, but the end product is so compelling. The book is full of anger and dark humor. And some of the analogies he has used are just amazing. I particularly liked the one where he compares people to the Rooster Coop.

By the end of the book, you will forgive Balram of any misdeeds even murder. You feel so happy that he has broken out of the coop. I think more pages should have been dedicated to show the changes in Balram , from an obedient servant to a cold blooded murderer.

I got my money’s worth. A very good book. Waiting for the next by Arvind Adiga


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