A Classic Fortnight

Long live the  new King
Long live the new King

What a fortnight it has been at Wimbledon. I have simply loved the tournament this year. The  cake was tasty enough, but Nadal’s win provided the icing and the cherry too. And I sure did love having it all. Let me put down few things that I loved.

  1. The first spot has to go Nadal’s win. What a final, and what determination. It was midnight by the time the match ended , and with a very important exam the next day, I should have been in bed sound asleep, but then I would have missed an epic. I’m so glad I stayed up.
  2. Safin !! Safin !! Safin!!, OMG my favorite player and I got to see him in the second week too.  The past few years there were times when he would vanish without  me getting to see even one live match of his, and had to search the internet for match details and pictures. He was a joy to watch, he is always for me. I was praying that he would win against Federer, even though it was quiet unlikely. But I did get to see him for two whole week, And I was even Jealous  of Laura Robson, she at least  got to write to him and he replied .booohooo 😦 . I still have the  newspaper cuttings and photograph of him with the cup at the  Australian Open. So am I obsessed ? I think yes 🙂
  3. Venus William’s win, and the sweetest part was, she saying that she is very serious about her being the elder sister.
  4. All the glam girls out by the first week. It was awesome, no Maria , no Ana , just pure tennis.
  5. Alla Kudryavtseva’s comment after her win against Maria.  “It’s very pleasant to beat Maria. Why? I don’t like her outfit. Can I put it this way?”. I just loved reading that , someone is honest, ha ha ha.
  6. Zheng Jie run till the semis, she proved that size doesn’t matter.
  7. Andy Murray’s loss to Nadal. I don’t have anything against Andy, but I just hate the way the British media hyped up his chances.  He was already the next champion  for them. Andy your time will come , but you got to wait.
  8. Anna kissing the net. That was sweet, even though nothing could save here the next time.
  9. Novak’s  2nd round match. I felt sad for him, with him commenting on so many things , and eventually loosing in the second round itself. But the happy news was it was SAFIN who won. When it comes to Safin, i’ll support him , no matter who his opponent is.

Looks like the list will go on and on, there were some ugly moment too, the worst was Dementieva implying that the the final could be decided over the dinner table. Jankovic  complaining about playing in court no 18. Champions are supposed to play well everywhere , not crib about it.

Overall it was a splendid fortnight, one that i enjoyed immensely.

\" A joy to watch \"

2 thoughts on “A Classic Fortnight

  1. What an epic five set match by the two titans of tennis. My eyes were glued to this marathon for 4 hours and 48 minutes! This was the greatest and perhaps the best quality tennis I have ever witnessed in any tournament. Congrats to Nadal for taking down the great Federer.

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