God’s strange way

Yesterday my Dad came home and informed me that , one of my old school mate had passed away. Well I had difficulty in remembering her and tried to place her , as we were in the same school only for two years. I did remember her eventually and felt sad, but that was all

Today when my Dad decided to visit her home , I went along with him. It is there while talking to her Dad that I realised how strange God’s ways are, and how precious is the time that I am spending with my Mom and Dad.

I could feel the anguish the father was going through,  the heartbreak of the mother,  as he recalled that the last word over the phone,” Papa , I love you and I miss you”, I felt so much pain. My friend was an achiver, there was so much ambition , dreams, dedication, when her results were out just four days after her death, she had topped her class.  I was thinking to myself how must have uncle felt when he got the news. And they could not even see the dead body of their daughter, as she was in the US and they here. The last rites were carried out by cousins. God’s ways are so strange, but he was still not angry with God, he was thanking God for his beautiful, brilliant daughter, even if she was with him only for 28 years, at least he had fond memories of her and was proud of her achivements.  He taught me a good lesson of looking into the positives even in adversity. 

As I was about to leave he asked me never to be stubborn and always remember that my parents will always want the best for me, and never to forget the love my Mom and Dad have for me. I nearly cried when he said the words.

There are times when I have felt the burden of staying at home, when I have wanted to leave it all and go free, when I have had fights with my Mom for small things , been angry with my Dad.  But today I feel that I am lucky to be spending time  with the two people in this world who love me unconditionally.

I am feeling so sad, for the loss of such a precious life, someone who was such a joy to her parents and brother, that i’m almost rambling.

I pray to God that may her soul rest in peace and that may God give strength to her family during this difficult time.



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