The King of Roland Garros

For all the Federer fans and neutrals , it was a crappy final, but for me it was just awesome.  There I was glued to my TV expecting a tense final , a close one . But it was just so one sided,  Rafa just blew away Federer and I really enjoyed it , Rafa has improved by leaps and bounds and I hope he carries this form to Wimbledon too.

Federer , the great champion that he is will try to  forget it all ,and focus on Wimbledon, his playground for the last 5 years, but it is not going to be so easy. We know that Novak is lurking around the corner , and Murray has been making a lot of noise (though I’m sure he won’t win it), and we can’t write off Rafa too.

And all this leads to the fact that Pete Sampras’s 14 Grand Slam Record stands for one more year, which is just great. Ideally I would like the record to stand forever ,I’m such a big fan of his, but with Federer  on 12 slams , I know it will be broken.

Hope the king of clay , eventually  becomes the king of all surface.

Go Rafa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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