Its finally over


Being a football fanatic,  the IPL was  of no great interest to me.  So im glad that its finally over. I somehow like the longer version of the game. But I could not totally ignore it,  when you have almost the whole family watching it, you do get pulled into the party.

I have always supported the underdogs so, Rajasthan Royals victory made me really happy. I was rooting for them in the finals. It was a team that was not given, even half a chance of winning, but they showed that, its not expensive players that win matches but a team with dedicated players . Hats off to Shane Warne and his boys. But I think the real credit should go,  not to Mr.Lalit Modi or  Mr.Sharad Pawar, but to Mr Subash Chandra for starting the ICL .Had it not been for him, the BCCI would not have started with IPL to counter his ICL. I mean I cant credit  the BCCI for anything.

And what is the BCCI going to do with all the money.  I think they should loan out some amount to their football counterpart , so that the quality of football in this country improves.

I am waiting for the Euro 2008 to start.  Its going to be a great tournament. I would want Czech Republic to win, but they are in the same group as Portugal another of my fav. 

One of my colleagues is organising a bet,  but we are not allowed to choose our fav team  instead we will have to  draw from the list. Imaging if I draw  Switzerland , with due respect to them and their fans, they dont even  have an outside chance of winning ( according to me). And I would lose my chance of winning Rs1500 even before the tournament started.  I am never lucky at such things, I have  entered so many contest , online or in TV but never win anything, my fantasy league team is always at the bottom , so generally I have a rotten luck. So ill say a little prayer before I make the draw.  Hoping my luck will take a turn.




2 thoughts on “Its finally over

  1. Well I hope the board is successful at making it global coz we will then be good at something, but im not much of a cricket fan, so I dont think it will make much diffrence to me

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