I got a great news today, I am getting a dog that too a Golden Retriever , wow. My jiju is so jealous of me ha ha ha.

I know mom will be really pissed off ,  I mean she will have to look after it the whole day wen i’m off to work , but im sure she’ll come to love it.

I love dogs but im shit scared of them too, so this is sort of a therapy,  to get over it.

Now comes the big part : naming the dog, Ive though of a very unoriginal name Chelsea , for the obvious reason but i may get voted out.

Naming a dog is very important , there has to be a family consensus. I have already got some opinion like Comet, Sheru, Tiger, Gunner (As if ) etc etc.

I just cant wait to get it home,  dont know how long i’ll have to wait.




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