Its been almost a week, but I have yet to come in term with our defeat in Moscow.  it was heartbreaking, to see JT cry , I was so sure we would win , but then, it was not meant to be.

Now with the Premier League over, I have nothing to do over  the weekend, thank god the French open started and  we have  Euro cup   this year, or else I would have gone mad waiting for the season to start.

With a cricket mad nation , wild over IPL I cut a very lone figure , IPL never got me interested,  so  I have nothing to do except  read the gossip column over latest transfers.

I feel Avram Grat was treated bad, but then wen i read JM quote , i realised that , there can never be almost , you either win or loose. I feel its a great philosohy, I have been almost there so many times in my life , almost made it to a top  B school , almost done something, but  where does almost leave me , no where ,  people dont remember the almost ones, only the winners are counted in this world. So there has to be a change in attitude, Sometimes you get inspiration from weird source, so I hope that when I blog next year the same month I will have changed from an almost person to a done that person. And I hope Chelsea are the Champions of Europe.

The present senario is quiet depressing, not knowing who the manager is, how many players will stay etc etc, but one thing is fr sure after the CL final I want Drogba out, he does not deserve my support.





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