Can you keep a secret?


The other day I read this book by Sophie Kinsella, “Can you keep a secret?”, its a great book, great humor, and it was the first Kinsella that I read, and now im going to buy the rest. The book  got me thinking,  how many such secret do I have? And came up with an amazingly long list. Here i’ll try to emulate Emma  and put up few of my own secret. They are not something very important, but things i have not shared with anyone.

  • I am afraid of the dark, I sleep with my light switched on.
  • Most days (thats almost everyday) when im late in the morning , I lie to my mom saying that I was up, and was doing yoga.
  • I love being strict and giving my students a hard time, maybe its revenge for all that I had to go through.
  • I always think there is something better for me waiting around the corner , but I have still not reached the corner 😦
  • I’m very romantic, and I love surprises.
  • I can read the same mills and boons again and again.
  • I still beleieve that there are guys as described in mills and boon, and i will meet one , some day
  • I cried while reading Daddy, i cry while reading most books, the latest being “A thousand splendid suns”
  • I am bad at spellings, if MS Word didnt have a dictonary I dont know what I would have done.
  • I love vodka 🙂
  • I had a big crush on Ankur Bhosle , our Engineering Graphics Teacher in college.
  • I had my first crush on Ivon Lepcha in school.
  • Most celebrities I had a crush on turned out to be gay 😦
  • I hate exercising, even though Iam  well not fat but plump.

The list goes on , and there are some secrets which I dont think i’ll ever share with another human, forget writing it on a blog which everyone can see.


One thought on “Can you keep a secret?

  1. Hey, came in here through WP’s book category.
    Sounds like a fun reflective book. Should see if I can pick it up.

    Re secrets: ohw ell,w e all have them and sometimes seeing them naked as they are on paper, blog, or whispering them loud removes the mystery and the fear of the unknown.

    If I may act presumptuous, I believe our lives have many corners, and am sure you will find surprises and happiness in most. 🙂

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