Let me be absolutely materialistic and put down the things I would love to get for my birthday

  • A laptop : Ive wanted one for a long time, my desktop is asking me to let go , I mean how long can it go on.
  • An iphone : wouldn’t it be amazing if i got one
  • A camcorder : I had to borrow my cousins for my latest trip, i would love to own a brand new camcorder
  • A real fundoo digital camera : OK so i have a great new cybershot from Sony but there is no harm in wishing for a new professional one.
  • A CAR : not a new one , but Dad’s car will also do
  • A new wadrobe : wow i just cant imagine.

Now  lets get realistic i know I’m going to buy book for myself as a gift to myself , may be the shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. A 2GB memory stick maybe , well that’s about all. But no harm is wishing, maybe my guardian angle is listening.


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