More than a phone

Before I bought my Sony Ericsson handset , I had  an old Nokia set, a cute pink one, a prized possession , my first real buy, though it did not have many features, i was not ready to part with it, even though the phone itself was crying out loud, asking me to give it a break and that it had run its course.  So I asked my younger brother to look  out for a new set for me.  He told me that there was this walkman phone  form sony ericsson, which play mp3 and has a 2 mega pixel camera. I was interested in the music thing , i would not be bored while traveling alone, but i was not excited about the camera. I mean how much of pictures would i be taking. So i went ahead and bought it( though a nokia set would be good enough too, but it was more expensive).

Now after months ive realised i take more pictures from my mobile phone them my digital camera, its so handy. Its with me everytime and when i see something interesting , i go click click 🙂daj

I took this picture on the way back from darjeeling,  I was riding pillion , with my cousin, and when i saw this beautiful view, I could not contain myself , so out came my mobile phone. I have realised that i love taking picures especially of places and have got a huge collection now , thanks to my mobile phone which is much more than a phone for me.


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