Football Crazy

 I’m a crazy  football fan, and the ironic part is my country is bad at playing football. We languish at  around 130- 150 in world ranking , which for me is so depressing .  Sometimes i wonder  why do i like football so much, but there are  few questions that cannot be answered.

I die hundreds of time when my favourite club plays, every time the ball is with the opposition i start my silent prayer, and if its around the box then god help me :), sometimes  i wonder is this kind of  extreme  emotion is  healthy. I mean  I’m on a verge of a heart attack every time my favourite team plays. So if i ever  die of a heart attack then i know where the blame lies:)

So many people have asked me why is Chelsea my fav club? The reason could not be sillier than this , when the great media boom started in my country , satellite television and all, i started  watching EPL, i didnt have any fav then though i had an idea  of EPL. When i looked at the list , i found one name very likable among all present and that was Chelsea. That is how my love for Chelsea FC started. And it has grown over the years.  Though we lost the title last season  , i hope we regain it again, and looking at yesterdays match 🙂 i believe we can do it. I mean boring (not according to me) Chelsea played fantastic yesterday.  So good days are here again.

My dream : to watch Chelsea live at Stamford Bridge.


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